Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hope, opportunity, and all that stuff comes to mind.

Hey, people of the world!
Yes, I am awful. How many months has it been since I last posted? I don't know, but too many. What kind of example am I setting to you guys?
Moving swiftly on from that unsubstantial apology, I have something exciting to share with you! Earth Hour 2013's official video!! (hmm, maybe that came as a bit of an anticlimax for some...) So I was Youtubing - when I probably should have been doing something productive - and I just stumbled across it. Watching it just felt like it was satiating a deep craving of mine to see people taking action over climate change. To feel hope for the situation. Because we should take action and we have to take some action, and I always find Earth Hour a really exciting time of year. Hope, opportunity and all that stuff comes to mind - they're always my favourite kind of emotions.
Here's the link:
Even if you haven't got much time, it's three minutes. Watch and be inspired :)

This year, I'm probably going to have an Earth Hour party and get-together with my friends- I want to make it an occasion. And I want the difference we'll be making to be recognised with some kind of celebration. Why don't we all do something fun? I want the day to be associated with something good, not a day we have to inconvenience ourselves by turning out the lights just satisfy those tree-huggers out there. We do have hope - we do. We CAN stop climate change to some extent - we just need each other.
Fundamentally, it boils down the same situation our whole community has faced, that we've faced our whole lives. We can't do anything without each other, not really. But we HAVE each other - we have what we need to do this, and we shouldn't let ourselves forget that. Don't be too proud to ask someone to help you, for anything - they'll need help in their lives as much as we do.
So I'm going to swallow my pride and ask you now. I'm appealing directly to you, because, if we were face-to-face, whoever you are, whether you're a garbage man or the Queen, I would ask you straight out:
Will you help me fight this? Please?
Thank you.

(Even if you just said "NO!", I'm still thanking you for your consideration of even reading that far down in this blog).

This weekend, I think I'll go litter-picking. Yes, I actually have three exams next week that I should be preparing for, but do you know what, SO WHAT? Stuff it. Everyone wants a little piece of you, everything takes up a little portion of your time, but sometimes you just need to take a step back.
And realise what really matters.

Arrivederci, minions!
Oh, I shouldn't call you minions. It sounds too degrading.
Arrivederci, then, whoever you are :)
Don't forget to save the world!
- SavingTheWorldFromMyKitchen

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